He also wrote that hospitality was being scapegoated by the Conservatives

The owner of one of the UK’s largest LGBT+ bar and club brands, G-A-Y, has blasted the government over its introduction of the 10 PM curfew, which sees most hospitality venues forced to close at the same time, across the country, in order to curb new cases of Coronavirus.

Jeremy Joseph took to social media to say that the government’s decision to force all bars and restaurants to close at 10 PM was poorly thought out as it forced thousands of customers on to the streets of cities across the UK at the exact same time, just when the government has been stressing how important it is for people to socially distance themselves.


He wrote, “On 24th September, the Government imposed a poorly thought 10 pm curfew on the hospitality industry. The curfew makes no sense, as we’ve seen it pushes people out into the streets in large numbers at the same time & packs them into public transport.”


The 10 PM curfew, which was introduced on the 24th September, has added immense pressure to an already vulnerable sector, which, this year, has had to largely remain closed or trade with ever-increasing restrictions, making it near impossible for many venues to continue to trade. Last week, one LGBT+ bar in Cardiff said it would be closed indefinitely, while there have been reports of permanent closures in other parts of the UK.

‘Hospitality is the government’s scapegoat’

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Joseph said that he felt that the hospitality sector had been made into a “scapegoat” and added that there was no sense or logic to the curfew.


He added, “Like so many other bars, pubs & restaurants, G-A-Y has done everything it can to make our venues Covid safe. The Government is forcing us to close Covid safe venues with no justification. It makes no sense!

“The hospitality industry is being made a scapegoat. There is no sense or logic to this curfew & no publicly available scientific data that supports the curfew.

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“Today, G-A-Y has taken the first step to challenging the government and to stand-up to Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson.”

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