Sam Smith was “f**king scared” and in “agony”

The “Stay With Me” singer Sam Smith, revealed that he’s been in surgery, getting a stye removed from his left eye after saying that he was in agony and that his eye was getting “worse and worse”.

He told fans, “Been feeling sorry for myself all day because my f**king eye is in agony and getting worse and worse”.

The next day the openly gay singer took to social media to share a picture of him wearing an eye patch after an operation to remove his stye.

He revealed before his op that he was “f**king scared” but joked that he was looking forward to wearing a “pirate patch”. He later added in an Instagram story that he was being dramatic and that the op only took 15 minutes.

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Stye with me

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After the procedure, Sam posted an Instagram story and picture of him and his eye patch, with the caption “Stye With Me” a tribute to his 2014 hit, “Stay With Me”. In his Instagram story, he wrote, “I know you’re probably sick of seeing my stye, but I don’t care. I think it’s beautiful.”

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During his stay in the hospital, the singer kept fans in the loop with several Insta stories, including one of him wearing a surgical cap.

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