Since Friday, the public have been voting to save BEAR, HEAVY D, LEWIS and SAIRA.


During last night’s Channel 5 programme, Celebrity Big Brother host Emma Willis announced live to the house that the celebrity with the fewest votes and therefore, the second celebrity to leave would be Siara.

Following the announcement, broadcaster Siara said her goodbyes and left the house, greeted by Emma and a mixed reaction from the crowd.


On asked by Emma how it feels to be out Siara grinned: “Its’ just great to see normal people.”

On having other ‘big characters’ in the house Saira said: “I don’t know, for me I just felt I was either being two faced or being alright.”

On seeing that James, Chloe, Aubrey, Katie, Heavy D all nominated her, “I’m surprised by Katie just because I didn’t get to know her but think she’s quite influenced by her little clique.”

On forcing her opinions on people, “I an opinionated person and we come from different place, I think I should use this (mouth) less and listen more. I knew that some people in there got me like Ricky and Sammy Fox.”

Siara added: “I have an opinion and I find it very different when people don’t, I think a lot of people are sitting on the fence, I am opinionated, I don’t think it’s a bad thing, I tried my best to reign it in but it is a madhouse.”

On Bear, “I have had a journey with him, honestly, he’s a prankster, he’s a young lad having fun, he’s on the trip of his life, he takes it too far, if you give him attention…, deep down he’s a good man, I felt it, I don’t think I would say that if I didn’t mean it.”

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On Lewis and Marnie’s ‘relationship,’ “It’s been 12 days, in 12 days, I think you make a friend, they say it’s genuine, all I can do is respect that.”

Siara added, “I’ve come out and I see people, and myself in a different light, it’s been a journey.”

Finally, Emma asked her who she would like to win, “Samantha Fox.”

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Emma then announced the next CBB bombshell – the 3 safe Housemates had to deliver killer nominations face-to-face.

Over the next three days, Housemates will play a game of chance during a week of risk taking. Every decision will come with a cost that will leave one housemate paying a hefty price.

Big Brother returns tonight at 10.30pm.

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