Two gorgeous Polish boyfriends made an unofficial video for their YouTube channel of the Roxette song “Some Other Summer” – little did they know that Roxette would watch it and love it!

UPDATED: 11th August 2016

Boyfriends Jakub and David had no idea that the band Roxette would ever see their video of “Some Other Summer”, let alone love it – but that’s what happened.


The multi-platinum selling Roxette shared the video on their official Facebook, saying “Nice One, Cheers” after the video was upload 3 weeks ago.

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The video was shot by the boyfriends, aided by Chris and Michael whilst they were on holiday.   Michael who wrote to THEGAYUK to share the video said,

“(It was) Really amazing gesture from the pop icon and huge pleasure for them. It’s really cool and happy and I’m also proud cause I was helping them with montage.”