Gaga you’d better watch out, Lambert’s stolen your synths. This glam slam by US singer Adam Lambert expertly showcases why he won a legion of fans in his stint of American Idol in 2009.

It’s pacey, smash chorus hits all the notes and even has a hook line you can remember. Brilliant. The opening lines “I wish this night would never be over / There’s plenty of time to sleep when we die” will certainly resonate with the intended audience – a hybrid of Emo-Pop-NuRomantic lovers.

The song was co-written by Bruno Mars and co-produced by music man of the moment Dr. Luke. Although there’s no trace of Mars in the writing style, Never Close Our Eyes definitely shines brightly in the discography of a be-qiffed Adam Lambert. Hot.

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The single’s parent album Trespassing has already topped the charts in the US – making Lambert the first openly gay artist to achieve such a feat. The album is out in the UK on the 2nd of July.