A potential storm is on the horizon for Channel 5’s Big Brother after Benedict Garett, 32, a contestant on the show, and former teacher has been caught hiding his package between his legs, in what might possibly be seen as offensive to transgender housemate Luke Anderson.

Garrett tucked his penis behind his legs to show other flatmates his ‘Party trick.’

Luke, 31, was in the garden and missed the ‘trick’ and most who saw the stunt laughed, however former glamour model Victoria, 41, who saw the display, was not happy.

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Victoria, who was evicted on Friday said,

“I love Benedict but when he did his party trick I didn’t feel it was right.

“He basically tucked his bits up his bum somehow and then pranced around like he had lady bits.

“My immediate thought was: ‘Oh my God. I’m glad Luke isn’t here. I hope he doesn’t walk in.’

“I felt it wasn’t appropriate to do something like that.

“Luke had told everyone in the house about his sex change so Benedict did know about it and how it might have caused offence.

“He would have known what the implications could have been by doing this party trick.”

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