So it’s well a known fact that sex is an amazing way to keep fit. A good session can burn hundreds of calories, but who burns the most, the top or bottom?

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So health experts suggest that we need at least 30 minutes of exercise 4 times a week and sex, yes sexy time, can count towards your fitness goal.

But which partner will burn the most calories? Does it matter whether you’re topping or bottoming?

Well, Superdrug has a website that can calculate how many calories you and your partner will burn during your session – whether you’re giving or receiving. It also helps you choose the positions which will work you out even harder – yes squatting as a bottom will burn you some serious calories… feel the burn.

So let’s say that your session last 40 minutes – and you do a bit of: 69ing, doggying, cowboying and finishing up with some missionary… who do you think will burn more, top or bottom?

If you’re the bottom you will have burnt a rather safe 151 calories, however, if you’re topping you’ll be burning a whopping 162 calories.


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That’s the equivalent of running for at least a mile, 34 minutes of yoga, or over 2 miles of biking. We know which we’d rather do!

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However, the bottom doesn’t always burn less calories, the following positions could see you burn through a mountain of calories: The cowboy, the reverse cowboy, a lapdance and the wheelbarrow, you could burn 230 calories- whilst your top would burn just 93!


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