The singer/underwear designer Steve Grand has been growing his tash out and flexing his guns and we’re loving the vibe.

Although he’s previously suggested that he looks like the guy on the side of Pringle’s can, we actually think he’s rocking a bit of a 70’s Castro-gay look and we’re wholly on board with this development.

In his latest “progress pic” the “All American Boy” singer, said that he had been through quite a regime to get his impressive physique.

The regime includes, 4 weeks of working work, 10 days of ZERO alcohol, 8 to 10 days of fasting for 16 hours a day. No bread or processed sugar.


He said that he was “about to be in the best shape of my life. And you best believe I’m going to show that hard work off”.

Of course, to show off his progress the star appeared in nothing but his own brand jockstrap, he also sells on his website.