Gay Dating | What does BND stand for?

Decoding BND

Have you ever seen the acronym BND and wondered what it meant, well simply put it means, Boy Next Door. Although the term is not widely used on Grindr, it can be found on Scruff as a way of describing who you are or what you’re looking for.

What is a Boy Next Door?

Often the Boy Next Door is categories as the “every boy” meaning that he’s probably cute or average looking, average build, average height. Maybe he coy or shy or an introvert and keeps himself to himself. Think unassuming nice lad, who would lend you a cup of sugar or an egg or two if he had them and you’ve got yourself a BND.

It’s a catch-all vanilla-ery term and actually isn’t particularly useful – cause Hanibal and Dexter were guys who lived next door to somebody!

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