A Subway restauranteur from Angers in France displayed a promotion in his window which excluded gay couples, because the marriage bill for marriage equality hasn’t officially passed.

A Subway sandwich shop owner in Angers, France, which is 180 miles Southwest of Paris posted an advert in his window promoting a Valentine’s special for couples – two foot-long subs for €10.

The owner of the shop indicated that only heterosexual couples were allowed to use the offer – and insisted he was within his rights because the marriage bill for marriage equality hasn’t officially passed in France.


Translation of the advert, printed on Subway headed paper reads:

Valentine’s Day

Thursday February 14

Lovers’ celebration for couples (M/F*)

2 30-cm menu items for 14,00€

*Discrimination (?): No, the marriage for all bill has not yet been ratified by the senate. So for the moment I’m using the freedom-of-speech law.

A spokes person from Subway said,

“The SUBWAY® brand is committed to maintaining a diverse and inclusive environment around the world and does not condone discrimination of any kind. We apologize to anyone who was offended by this individual store’s Valentine’s Day promotion in Angers, France. All SUBWAY® stores are independently owned and operated. We are working with the owner to reinforce our corporate values and policies.“

A Tweet from Subway France said, “the poster in question was removed IMMEDIATELY from restaurant in Angers.”


The company also took to its Facebook page on Saturday morning, following an influx of negative comments.

It is not known whether the person(s) responsible for the discriminatory advert will face any disciplinary actions by Subway.

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Subway has 38,809 stores in 99 Countries.

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