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  • What is another name for gay marriage?

    What is another name for gay marriage?

    Let’s get hitched!

  • What is Bi Erasure?

    What is Bi Erasure?

    What is Bi Erasure? Bi Erasure is a form of erasure directed towards the bisexual community It can take many forms including when society sidelines bisexual stories for gay or lesbian stories. Bi Erasure is also the ignoring or rewriting of LGBT+ history where bisexual people of note are effectively erased from the LGBT+ movement. Bi […]

  • 13 stars who should have checked their social accounts for homophobia and slurs in 2017

    The stars were out in force with the blatant, everyday and casual homophobia this year… It’s amazing how much homophobia there is on Twitter. Even some of the UK’s most loved celebs have been found to have messages that we’re sure they’d wished they checked for or never sent in the first place. Here are […]

  • Twitter fixes “bisexual” erasure

    Finally, Twitter fixes that erasure issue. Twitter stood accused earlier this week bi erasure, by the bisexual community when its platform effectively deleted the #bisexual hashtag from showing photos, videos and news items which used that tag. The social media platform was slammed for effectively erasing all bisexual content that was identified with that tag. […]