Day: 9 November 2017

  • British Airways did something amazing for this couple

    Lisa and Hayley, despite being married live 10,000 miles apart, due to a family tragedy, British Airways did something amazing for them. British Airways, told us, Lisa wrote into the airline’s BA Magic campaign to tell their story. She explained the couple had met in Australia in 2011 and moved together to the UK in […]

  • Twitter fixes “bisexual” erasure

    Finally, Twitter fixes that erasure issue. Twitter stood accused earlier this week bi erasure, by the bisexual community when its platform effectively deleted the #bisexual hashtag from showing photos, videos and news items which used that tag. The social media platform was slammed for effectively erasing all bisexual content that was identified with that tag. […]

  • Kevin Spacey is replaced in Ridley Scott film

    Kevin Spacey is to be replaced by Christopher Plummer in Ridley Scott’s police drama, All the Money in the World. Disgraced actor, Kevin Spacey is to be replaced in the Ridley Scott drama, All the Money in the World. Instead, veteran actor, Christopher Plummer will step in joining Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams (pictured). The […]

  • TV REVIEW | Red Dwarf XII: M-Corp

    TV REVIEW | Red Dwarf XII: M-Corp Last week we heaped praise on the excellent “Mechocracy” and if you enjoyed that as much as we have, be prepared to enjoy this week’s instalment even more.
 Called “M-Corp”, this episode is a Lister centred Black Mirror-esque adventure that seamlessly combines humour with emotion and nostalgia. Poor Lister’s […]

  • Read First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s full speech on pardoning men convicted for gay sexual activity

    Here’s the full speech that was given by First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, setting out Scotland’s apology to gay men convicted of sexual activity which is now legal. Presiding officer, I am grateful for this opportunity to address the chamber. Today marks an important milestone in achieving true equality for Scotland’s LGBTI community. This morning, the […]

  • Gay Scottish Men Who Had ‘Illegal’ Sex Pardoned

    Due to licensing this article must be read on our website Scotland is on the verge of pardoning thousands of gay men once convicted for having sex. Under Scottish law, consensual homosexual acts between men were considered a crime until 1981. A new bill would pardon everyone who was prosecuted under those laws, living and […]

  • Icon, Mariah Carey stands accused of sexual harassment

    Mariah Carey Accused of Sexual Harassment Gay icon Mariah Carey has found herself accused of sexual harassment from a former bodyguard, who also claims that she owes him money. TMZ reported that Michael Anello has accused Carey of harassment and denigrating him whilst he was in her employ from 2015 to May 2017. He alleges […]