What is Bi Erasure?

Bi Erasure is a form of erasure directed towards the bisexual community It can take many forms including when society sidelines bisexual stories for gay or lesbian stories.

Bi Erasure is also the ignoring or rewriting of LGBT+ history where bisexual people of note are effectively erased from the LGBT+ movement.

Bi erasure also happens whenever “gay” is used where the subject could also involve bisexual people. For instance, if you use “gay pride” to describe an LGBT+ Pride or “gay marriage” if you mean same-sex marriage, you are effectively erasing bisexual people’s existence.


It can also happen if “straight” or heterosexual relationships are treated as the default in any given situation, which can also be classed as heteronormative.

At its most extreme, bi-erasure happens when someone denies the existence of bisexual people altogether.

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