X Factor Winner admits to terrible ‘stigma’ attached to his name and suggests a name change to Gloria.

Not a lot surprises us a TGUK Towers but this is left of field. Disgraced X Factor winner James Arthur wants to rebrand as – Gloria.

Taking to Twitter, the Impossible singer said,

‘Id like to start over.

‘This will be my artist name and stage name.. Of course you guys know I’m james in real life

‘There’s stigma attached to the name james Arthur that im ashamed of.. They can throw dirt at a triangle with Arthur beside it all day long’

The Sun reports that the singer then changed his Twitter name to Gloria.

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He’s been having a hard time since a series of events, which included releasing a homophobic ‘diss rap’ online, which ultimately left him dumped by his label, the Sony owned Syco.

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His Twitter name has since returned to @JamesArthur

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