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  • What does LGBTQ2 stand for?

    The LGBTQ2 is an acronym mostly widely used in Canada and other parts of North America. Outside Canada LGBTQ2 is not in wide use, its origins are a means of identifying some Native (North) Americans. However due, in part, to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau its use has become popularised. The 2 in LGBTQ2 stands […]

  • We need to leave the K out of LGBT+

    COMMENT / LGBT is an initialism that has been in use since the late 1980s. Simply standing for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. But in recent years, extra letters have been added to the acronym, which in my opinion is suppressing the individuality of LGBT people. I may be a gay man but sometimes I […]

  • COMMENT | What does LGBT+ actually mean…

    LGBTQIAPK – Has it all gone too far? – A follow up The rationale behind the question was about division by classification. Is this a form of segregation? Is it a division any group would allow; if it were not a self-imposed segregation? When segregation has been imposed historically by authority it has created alienation […]

  • COMMENT | LGBTQIAPK – Has it all gone too far?

    I am a 55-year-old gay man living in a small market town in Mid Devon. Until I made a move of around 10 miles, four years ago I had always been out and openly gay. I am not anymore. I live in a complex where everyone is over 50. Older people I have met here […]

  • ANSWERS | What does the 2 in LGBTQ2 mean?

    The LGBTQ2 is not a widely used acronym and is not widely used outside Canada. However, its popularity is on the rise. The 2 in LGBTQ2 stands for ‘two-spirit’. It is an umbrella term for being a “two spirit” described as a Native (North) American who identifies as non-binary, non-cisgendered or genderqueer. It could also […]

  • ANSWERS | What does the L in LGBT stand for?

    Question: What Does The L In LGBT Stand For? The L in LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) or sometimes referred as GLBT, stands for Lesbian. Lesbian is a description for a woman who is sexually and romantically attracted to other females. The term lesbian can be used to also express sexual identity. Some women […]

  • ANSWERS | What does LGBT stand for?

    If you’ve seen the letters LGBT and wonder what they mean we’ve got the answer for you. LGBT is the standard initialism for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community, there are often other letters added to it, including Q (Queer or Questioning) and I (Intersex). It was first grouped in this way during the […]

  • ANSWERS | What Does The P In LGBTQIP Stand For?

    In the ever-growing initialism for the LGBT+ community, new letters are being added all the time. Ever wondered what the P in LGBTQIP stands for?   Pansexual. Pansexuality is described and identified as a: romantic, sexual and emotional attraction to people of any sex or gender identity.   The Oxford English Dictionary describes pansexuality as: not limited in […]

  • ANSWERS | What does the F In LGBTF Stand For

    So what does the F in LGBTF actually stand for? The F in the LGBTF initialism stands for “friends” sometimes also known as Allies – although Allies might have a little more activism element to them. Friends are those people who don’t identify as being Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender but want to be supportive […]

  • ANSWERS | What Does The I In LGBTQI Stand For

    The LGBT initialism is ever growing as more and more letters are added. What does the I in the LGBTQI stand for? It stands for Intersex. Intersex stands for a sex variance between the binary of male and female, or Cisgender. Generally speaking, Cisgender people are those whose gender identity or expression conforms with their […]