Day: 19 June 2017

  • Five ways to protect your ears this pride season

    Damaged hearing is a real issue with one in ten of us suffering from tinnitus so make sure you protect your ears this pride season. National charity Action on Hearing Loss is urging Pride-goers this summer to consider their hearing before attending large events. Six million people in the UK – that’s one in ten – […]

  • Is Tom Holland gay?

    Is Tom Holland gay?

    Is he, isn’t he and does it really matter?

  • Here’s what a stinging sensation when you go to the toilet could mean

    If you’ve ever experienced a stinging sensation down below whenever you’ve urinated, you’ll know it really isn’t a great feeling and it can be a worry too. So what could it be?   It could be a sexually transmitted infection, after all, there was so many of them floating about. Medical Director at Pharmacy 2U […]

  • Over 750,000 signed that anti-DUP/Tory coalition petition, it will now be delivered to Number10

    A petition with over 750,000 signatures will be handed to Number 10 Downing Street as people make their feelings about a DUP/Tory coalition known. A petition which attracted over 750,000 signatures against a DUP/Tory coalition government has come to an end and its author, Stuart Veaney, will deliver it to Theresa May in 10 Downing Street. […]

  • FASHION | Bargain men’s clothes from Republic Union

    Far be it from us to keep a secret… We’ve just discovered a men’s fashion online outlet that has cheap and we mean cheap clothing for guys. They’ve got some great deals like two items for £14, £20 and £30. Plus they have a bargain section for items £5 and under. Plus they have […]

  • Watch this 9 YEAR OLD smash a Celine Dion hit

    Okay, so this family named their first daughter Celine and their second daughter Dion… Needless to say, they are CD fans through and through.   Celine Tam just tore up the Celine Dion songbook… UK audiences can watch America’s Got Talent on truTV every Tuesday at 8pm. (truTV is available Freeview 68, Sky 186, Virgin […]

  • These tips will help you sleep through the heatwave

    These tips will help you sleep through the heatwave

    Are you having trouble sleeping during the heatwave? Check out these five tips to help you drift off to a restful sleep regardless of the heat outside and the pollen count.

  • Essex Pride: Ramped up security at this year’s event

    Organisers of Essex Pride have promised to provide extra security following on from terror attacks in London and Manchester. Essex Pride organisers have said there will be “tight” security at this year’s pride event and that the whole event will be manned by an experienced security team following on from the terrorist atrocities in London […]

  • This is how the DUP voted on gay marriage in Northern Ireland last time

    This worrying graphic shows how the DUP voted on same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland in 2015.   As you can see all other parties in Northern Ireland voted positivity for gay marriage, however only the Unionists voted against same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriage has come up for voting four times. Each time it is voted down. 96 […]

  • ANSWERS | What does the 2 in LGBTQ2 mean?

    The LGBTQ2 is not a widely used acronym and is not widely used outside Canada. However, its popularity is on the rise. The 2 in LGBTQ2 stands for ‘two-spirit’. It is an umbrella term for being a “two spirit” described as a Native (North) American who identifies as non-binary, non-cisgendered or genderqueer. It could also […]