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  • Sam Callahan is completely starkers again

    Life, it seems, is clothing optional for Sam Callahan. Former X Factor star, Sam Callahan has got his clothes off again, but unlike the last time he was fully nude, this picture was intended for his fans. Sam Callahan was a handful of male stars, who in 2017, had their private vaults of pictures leaked […]

  • Sam Callahan photographed with former cover star of THEGAYUK

    Former X Factor hottie Sam Callahan has recently been photographed with a former cover star of THEGAYUK, Murray Swanby. Sam Callahan is currently hanging out in California, USA and last week he made a pit stop to West Hollywood’s most famous gay bar, The Abbey. Whilst there, he took a moment to hang out with […]

  • Gary blocks Sam Callahan after nudey shot on Twitter

    So this is awkward. Gary Barlow seemingly blocked X Factor hottie, Sam Callahan after he wished him a happy birthday and tweeted a picture of Gary Barlow in the altogether.   Wowie @garybarlow, nearly half a century! ? Happy Birthday old boy! ? pic.twitter.com/uYdrTFBovC — Sam Callahan (@CallahanMusic_) January 20, 2017 Okay, in the interest […]

  • Sam Callahan sex tape leaks on to the Internet

    Yikes. Former X Factor star Sam Callahan has had a solo sex tape leaked onto the web. The sexy star has spoken out against the leaked tape, which sees him pleasuring and fingering himself, saying that the video ended up in the wrong hands after he pressed send. He said, “I was young and foolish back […]

  • Is Sam Callahan rear of the year?

    Is Sam Callahan rear of the year?

    Remember Sam Callahan from X FACTOR?   Well, we’re putting Sam Callahan up there for REAR OF THE YEAR. The cheeky former X FACTOR  singer uploaded a picture of his best ass.et, with him staring out at a very sunny looking London. https://www.instagram.com/p/BK_cpjvhJFS/?taken-by=itssamcallahan This isn’t the first time Sam has gotten naked, back in the […]

  • Can Twitter predict the X Factor 2013 winner?

    Last year we ran a piece where we predicted the winners of X Factor 2012 by the number of Twitter followers they had, we call it the T.W.A.T.S system. It’s not an exact science, but by using the number of Twitter fans each contestant had as a barometer (science word) of potential success we managed […]

  • The 6 Weirdest Things You Looked For On TheGayUK Last Week

    We love searching through our analytical pages to see what you lovely lot are searching for on THEGAYUK, so here’s this week’s 6 weirdest things you searched for… Who is Rylan? Uk Well exactly dear… Who isssssss heeeeee? Oh no wait that’s Nikki Grahame’s line. How to give the taste of sperm to our gay […]

  • FEATURE: X Factor’s Sam Callahan Naked

    Well, well well… it seems all our Christmases have come early. Whilst doing some, erm research on young X Factor hopeful Mr Callahan, we came across this little video of him skinny dipping for charity. Before the bright lights of X Factor a playful Sam Callahan promised to get naked for his debut single Crazy, […]

  • INTERVIEW | Sam Callahan

    We sit down with one of pop’s most eligible contenders for the next big thing. Meet Sam Callahan, who isn’t afraid of getting naked or walking across hot coals to be remembered. Remember his name…