Last year we ran a piece where we predicted the winners of X Factor 2012 by the number of Twitter followers they had, we call it the T.W.A.T.S system.

It’s not an exact science, but by using the number of Twitter fans each contestant had as a barometer (science word) of potential success we managed to get quite an actuate picture of who was going to win.

So going via the same formula we predict that this is how the X Factor Finals 2013 might look:


1st Sam Callahan 175,185
2nd Nicholas McDonald 138, 629
3rd Kingsland Road 119,352
4th Tamera Foster 114,081
5th Luke Friend 113, 314
6th Rough Copy 107,509
7th Sam Bailey 89,811
8th Abi Alton 66,422
9th Hannah Barrett 58,239
10th Miss Dynamix 37,001
11th Shelley Smith 30,023
12th Lorna Simpson 9,592

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Now as we said earlier we’re not scientists, and this barely constitutes as news, but if we were Hannah or Abi, we’d be shaping up our act – or at least faking some Twitter numbers!

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