Olympic hopeful Tom Bosworth told THEGAYUK that if the Jewelers Tiffany’s had the perfect engagement ring, he might propose to his boyfriend at Rio 2016.

CREDIT: Monty McKinnen for THEGAYUK


Olympic Race Walker Tom Bosworth told THEGAYUK’s editor, Jake Hook that if the jewelers, Tiffany’s, had the perfect engagement ring at Heathrow he might buy it before his flight out to Rio in order to propose to his long-term boyfriend at the Olympic games.


He said,

“If Tiffany’s in Heathrow has the ring that I want, I might even make it official when I’m out there.”


The athlete came out as gay last October live on the Victoria Derbyshire show and is just one of a handful of out Olympians taking part in the 2016 games.


In the latest issue of THEGAYUK (issue 21) the Race Walker talked about how he met his boyfriend, saying,

“My female friend decided to hit on him. She quite liked the look of him.

“Me and my other friend were sat there trying not to laugh as we quite clearly could see that he perhaps didn’t bat for that team (laughs).

“She got very offended when he said, “You’re not my type.” He was trying to be polite.

“She couldn’t understand why and it was at that point that I walked up to my friend and said, “I think he’s probably more my type, than your type.”

“We got talking from there. The rest is history.”


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CREDIT: Monty McKinnen for TheGAYUK
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