Geordie Shore

So this is a turn up for the books. We were just remembering back to episode 1107 of Geordie Shore as you do when we stumbled across the moment that Gaz and Scotty T were slapping their dicks across Nathan’s face!

Geordie Shore

Openly bisexual reality star Nathan Henry certainly got an eyeful when his co-stars Gary Beadle and Scotty T went skinny dipping with him.

What started out as a bit of skinny dipping fun turned into a full-on chopper fest after Gaz and Scotty T started to slap their penises against Nathan, much to Nathan’s delight!

Nathan was the first to strip off and run into the sea and was joined very quickly by his fellow cast mates and it’s not too long before Nathan admits how much he’s enjoying having all the boys naked in the sea with him!

Watching from the shore line, Charlotte remarks,


“I don’t think it’s the best idea that all the boys are slapping their cocks around Nathan’s head considering bisexual. He might just open his mouth and one might fall in, and then that would be pretty awkward!”

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