There are thousands of restaurants in London ranging from the Michelin Starred to the greasy spoon. From Italian to Chinese from Hipster chic to LGBT enclaves. London’s cuisine scene has it all.

The 15 best restaurants in London 2017


Brasserie Zedel (Piccadilly Circus) is steps away from Piccadilly Circus and is one of the most beautiful, elegant and affordable restaurants in London. The restaurant serves traditional French food at amazingly affordable prices. In what is perhaps the best dinner deal in London, they offer, for a mere £12.75, a three-course Prixe Fixe meal which includes Carottes Rapées, Steak Haché with Frites, and a Café Gourmand or a Tarte aux Fruits. It’s a very delicious and satisfying meal. (Tim Baros)

Eccleston Square Hotel (Victoria) Just a brief walk from the chaos of Victoria Station lies the calm, stylish, uber-cool and uber-tech hotel within Eccleston Square. If you’re not a natural-born Londoner, sometimes the “buzz” is a bit overwhelming. Eccleston Square manages to create an ambience to instantly chill and transports you to a peaceful place. (Jordan Lohan)

Bar + Block (Kings Cross) The Kings Cross area, if you haven’t recently been, is buzzing. Years ago it was a warren of prostitution and crime, now it’s gentrified with trendy and expensive apartments and a healthy choice of restaurant options. Bar + Block, in my opinion, is THE restaurant option in the area. It is, in fact, the perfect place to go for an excellent and very affordable meal. Located right next to Kings Cross Station on York Way and past McDonald’s and Nandos, Bar + Block, right underneath the Premier Inn, is an excellent find. In the space that used to be the dreary hotel bar, it has been remodelled, chomped and changed. It’s now a beautiful restaurant where the bar, dining area and kitchen are all in one superbly designed and spacious large room. But it’s not just the layout that’s fantastic, the food is also amazing. (Tim Baros)



Ping Pong (Soho) is a restaurant where the concept is Dim Sum – food that comes in small bite-sized portions which allow you to eat lots and lots of different types. Don’t assume the dishes will be quite small because the prices are quite low. Once the food arrives you’ll need a second table to capture the overflow! (Tim Baros)

Thai Square is an oasis in the heart of central London. Away from the hustle and bustle and crowds and pollution, stepping into Thai Square is akin to stepping into a whole different world, a world that is calm and tranquil and where one can find excellent food. (Tim Baros)

Zaika of Kensington (Kensington) went above and beyond the usual expectations of Indian cuisine. The pricing of the dishes are on point for the quality and execution. The whole experience felt grand and glam. If you have a team of curry fans, Zaika of Kensington is the place for you. (Jordan Lohan)

Jamboree Foodfest & Bar (Blackfriars) Don’t be put off by the corporate exterior. The building is accessorised with a fun red neon Jamboree sign and their colourful interior can be seen from across the traffic-magnet main road. Once inside you’ll feel as though you’ve walked into a London take on a barn dance bar. High ceilings laden with multicoloured bunting and exposed vintage bulbs, bare wood beams, walls, floor and tables. A clean spit-without-the-sawdust gaff. We approve. (Thabian Sutherland)


The Narrow Is Gordon Ramsay’s gaff and it simmers with locals who’ve come straight from the office or schlepped from their Limehouse pied-à-terres. It gives the riverside eatery a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Good service in a Ramsay gaff is like buff, topless bar staff at Ku Bar – totally expected. You won’t be disappointed. No F Words and the staff are knowledgeable and will treat you as though you were regulars. (Thabian Sutherland)

Marquis of Wellington (Bermondsey) Loud, brass and cheap as chips. The locals are lucky to have this pub on their doorstep, and visitors to the area will enjoy it as well. (Tim Baros)

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Tozi (Victoria) A breeze to get to – being a five-minute walk from Victoria. The decor is spacious, cool and contemporary. You’ll love the sleek, swift (and suiting smart shirts) service. Their menu incorporates some wonderfully unique ingredients, such as their home made chestnut infused rum. And oh the men. All the Italian men. Overall, I am all over it, and it has been decided that this place is definitely Tozi ‘Mazeballs. (Jordan Lohan)

Stuzzico (Marble Arch) is tucked away in a section of London called Connaught Village, steps away from Marble Arch and the Middle Eastern restaurants of Edgware Road, Stuzzico, as small as it is, is a standout. Luca, one of the proprietors, will greet you with a warm Italian smile and will recommend dishes and especially wine that superbly complements each other. Its smallish menu will allow you to try various specialities of the Puglia region, but it all depends on what you fancy; fish, meat and/or pasta. (Tim Baros)



Wringer & Mangle To enter W&M you walk through a terrace, and past a Moroccan-style den, where lattice fencing, riddled with ivy, sections off an outdoor seating area surrounding a fire pit. Ideal for an aperitif. Cushions, candles and outdoor heaters will keep you snug as a duvet in a tumble dryer. While schmoozing with the trendy-Wendys, happening-hacks and look-at-me-Larrys, canapés were wafted around like incense at a pilgrims’ gathering. Regular visits a must. (Thabian Sutherland)

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Tabun Kitchen It’s recommended that you sit on the lower ground floor. It’s quaint, Mediterranean-styled, and very cosy, perfect if you’re looking for a place to enjoy the food without being in the hustle and bustle and heat of the main room. Faisel, the charming manager, will take you through the menu if you have any questions. And while the pizza was not sexy and the service a bit disjointed, Tabun Kitchen will not disappoint. It’s warm food and cooking style and abundant fresh and delicious flavours will blow you away.  (Tim Baros)

Rudie’s Jamaican (Dalston) offers what they call a ‘Boss Burger’ – a rare breed of beef chuck patty that is topped with apple wood smoked cheddar, sweet honey mustard, red onion, tomato, pickles and jalapeño chilli – and it’s huge – worth the £12 price. With Dalston becoming the hip place to live, Rudie’s will most definitely live up to a similar mantra – it will be the hip place to eat. (Tim Baros)



Balans in Soho is an absolute must if you’re visiting London’s gay centre. Open 24 hrs you’ll find a bevvy of hot staff serving good value, hearty food with delicious drinks. (Jake Hook)

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