Joni Sledge

The details surrounding Joni Sledge’s death have been revealed by her family.

Joni Sledge
CREDIT: Camilla Camaglia

Joni Sledge, who was part of the disco supergroup Sister Sledge died at the age of 60 over the weekend. She died at her home in Phoenix, Arizona.

Her family have revealed that the singer died of “natural causes” from a pre-existing condition.


The statement read,

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“The medical examiner and Joni’s personal physician determined on 10th March 2017, that her death was due to natural causes which arose from complications from a pre-existing condition. 

 Please continue to respect the family’s request for peaceful privacy during this very difficult time. Thank you &  God Bless You!”

Speaking about the loss of their sister Debbie and Kim Sledge said,

“We are experiencing painful loss, however at the same time we can honestly say that we have the “‘peace that passes all understanding” and the “Joy of the Lord”, which is our strength, because we know without a doubt that she is in heaven with our loving mother Florez Sledge and more importantly our Lord Jesus / Yeshua the Christ!

“She is at peace, and knowing that, comforts us.

“Our Joni was a beautiful person, a phenomenal artist and producer, a brilliant business woman and a powerhouse…truly Flo’s daughter! What an incredible privilege and honor for us to have known, lived and worked with such an enormous personality! Her greatest love and joy was her son Thaddeus (whom we are all very proud of), and performing live with her family.”

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