This is one way to cool your jets… John Fennell jumps into snow practically naked

Hottie John Fennell has decided to give his fans a bit of a snow… we mean SHOW!

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So Canadian Olympian John Fennell, who came out as gay in 2014 has decided to cool off… and has taken advantage of the snowy conditions in Canada.

Wearing nothing apart from some thin looking swim shorts, the 21-year-old Luger, bravely jumped face first into a huge pile of snow. And oh my… It looks way too cold for us. Although it has to be said there’s something very satisfying about the muted sound of his plunge into the 3 foot high pile.

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He joked that his Grandmas are worried that he might have a pneumonia after jumping into the snow, but don’t fret… You can’t get pneumonia from jumping into snow. Pneumonia is caused by bacteria or a virus.


Watch it below!




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