LGBT Pride Flag

Members of the LGBT community are in mourning this evening as the creator of the world famous and iconic rainbow flag Gilbert Baker, has passed away.

The creator of the iconic rainbow flag, Gilbert Baker has died at the age of 65.

The rainbow flag was first seen in 1978 in San Francisco and originally had eight colours to it, to reflect the diversity of the LGBT community. Today the flag has six stripes, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Baker referred to this version of the flag as the “commercial version” because it was too expensive to include the hot pink colour in mass production.


Gilbert was a gay rights activist, Army veteran before becoming a self-taught tailor. He created the LGBT flag 39 years ago.

Gay rights activist Cleve Jones was one of the first to pay tribute to Gilbert saying,

“My dearest friend in the world is gone. Gilbert Baker gave the world the Rainbow Flag; he gave me forty years of love and friendship.”


Gilbert would have been 66 this pride season.

Dustin Lance-Black, who included Gilbert in his TV series, When We Rise also praised the designer on Twitter by saying,

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“Even rainbows weep. Our spectacular Gilbert Baker has left us our LGBTQ world is far less colorful without him.

But he created the Rainbow Flag to unite us. To make us stronger. In Gilbert’s memory #UNITE again. In Gilbert’s memory find #STRENGTH. Find #BEAUTY. Find #LOVE. #RISE UP.”

There are no confirmed reports to why he died.

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