One of the leading voices of the protests in Birmingham against LGBT+ equality lessons in schools – doesn’t, in fact, have children at the school.

Asfar seen arguing with MP Jess Philips over teaching No Outsiders at Primary schools in Birmingham.

Shakeel Afsar has become one of the leading voices of protest at Anderton Park primary school in Birmingham where Muslim-majority parents are heard shouting “our kids, our choice”, “let kids be kids” over the decision by the school to include the “No Outsiders” equality lessons, which includes, in part, LGBT+ equality and acceptance.

However, it turns out that Asfar doesn’t have children at the school. Last week he was filmed arguing with MP Jess Philips over her support for an exclusion zone around the school – to ensure that teachers and children at the school feel safe. He does however have a sister who has two children at the school, according to Sky News.


Tensions have been mounting for weeks as parents have protested outside Anderton Park and Parkfield schools for weeks over, it turns out, two books, according to LGBT+ activist Khakan Quereshi, that are read in the “no outsiders” lessons, which take up a tiny proportion of total teachable time during the school year.

Parents have also removed their children from the school. In April around 600 children were removed from Parkfield Primary school by protesting parents.



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Last week Asfar appeared on This Morning to debate whether LGBT+ acceptance should be taught in British schools. In the interview he said that parents at the school felt “that the LGBT community are becoming intolerant towards them and their religious beliefs”.

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