TV star India Willoughby says she’s considering running as an MP

TV star India Willoughby says she’s considering running as an MP

India Willoughby has said that she’s considering entering the political arena.

Celebrity Big Brother star and journalist  India Willoughby has suggested that she is considering entering politics saying that she is thinking about standing as an MP. Speaking to the journalist said that she’d run as an MP for the newly formed Brexit Party.

India has become very vocal on politics on social media.

Her fans have already lined up their support saying that she should and at least one mentioning her celebrity status, saying “Well at least you are well known! I haven’t heard of many of these MPs”.

Who are the Brexit Party?

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The Brexit Party is a new party to the UK and is headed up by former UKIP leader, Nigel Farage. The party calls Ann Widdecombe as one of its star voices. The party also has Doctor David Bull as one of its MEPs. During the latest EU elections, the party made a huge impact winning 29 seats out of the total of 73 available, which represents around 31.6 percent of the vote.

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The Liberal Democrats came second with 16 seats, around 20.3% of the vote.

India told that she was a fan of Farage’s politics, saying, “(I’m) sure Nigel and I will get on fantastically. Plain talkers. It was a really simple choice between leave or stay. The majority voted leave. Let’s just do it”