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This MP nailed equality for all in the most perfect way

MP Jess Phillips managed to explains how the equality act protects Muslims and LGBT people – ‘you don’t get to pick and choose what equality you have’.

Jess Phillips talks with a protester Shakeel Afsar outside the Anderton School in Birmingham

The Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley Jess Phillips managed to explain her belief that the current equality act protects Muslims and LGBT+ people, saying that the current protests against teaching LGBT+ education, in programmes like the No Outsiders campaign, is “damaging the reputation of a peaceful and loving community”.


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Speaking outside a school in Birmingham where mainly Muslim parents have been protesting, the MP said, “I don’t agree with these protests, I don’t agree that you get to pick and choose which equality you can and cannot have.


“Our equality laws protect us all. I want them to protect you. Actually I want to protect the Muslim community, which is getting a terrible… I want our Muslim community to be completely protected.

“The worse thing about it is it’s damaging the reputation of a peaceful and loving community that I have lived in my entire life.”

She continued to say that she was advocating for an exclusion area around the school to protect children the current wave of protests.

Parents have been protesting outside the Anderton Park school in Birmingham in demonstrations similar as seen outside Parkfield Primary school last month.


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