Tonight the world of the big brother housemates is going to be turned upside down as three new housemates will be introduced, one stripper and two bi-sexual women.

After the shock removal of Aaron Frew last night, life in the house isn’t going to get any easier as four original housemates will be evicted tonight in what some media are calling a Big Brother Massacre. However as doors slam for some, doors open for others.

An unsuspecting Amy & Sally, Chloe, Danny, Harriet, Kieran and Sarah now face a mass eviction and the lines are open for viewers to vote to EVICT four housemates from the house.

Tonight, however, we’ll be introduced to three new housemates. The three new Housemates include a 29-year-old science student in his final year studying organic chemistry that is also a, ‘UK Pleasure boy’ and strips across the UK. A 22-year bisexual model who has worked as a dominatrix and on Babestation webcams. Apart Sri Lankan bisexual who is a singer and entertainer whose attitude is ‘flirt with the world and get stuff for free’. As a side note, same-sex relationships are illegal in Sri Lanka.


Big Brother host Emma Willis commented: “Just when they were adjusting to life in the house, Big Brother is about to drop a whopper of a time bomb. I can’t wait to see how the surprise mass eviction, some brand new housemates and a very familiar face go down.”