Big Brother’s Joel Williams is worried about the fall out from Aaron’s unexpected removal from the compound in yesterday’s show.

Openly gay Big Brother contestant Aaron. 24, was removed from Big Brother for what producers called “inappropriate behaviour”, when he paraded around the bedroom and chased Joel Williams, 19, naked.

In tonight’s show Sarah has it in for Joel. During a blazing row, Sarah has suggested that Joel led Aaron on. In tonight’s episode an argument breaks out where Sarah tells Joel that his behaviour in the wake of Aaron’s departure has been inappropriate.

Joel asks what Sarah’s reaction would have been if she had been in that situation. Sarah says,

“No one in this house would do that to me because I would have made it extremely, unequivocally clear that that was not on.”

Joel responds, “What are you trying to suggest?”

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Nick tries to defend Joel but Sarah tells him not to get involved.

Sarah says, “I have no issue with the fact they removed Aaron. My issue is you then parade around in women’s clothing. You encourage it.”

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Joel responds: “I think that’s bang out of order for you to suggest that justifies his actions.”

Later in the bath Nick and Joel are talking, Joel is worried about how he will be perceived out of the house saying: “There will be a hate campaign against me.”

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