Straight by DC Moore, based on the 2009 film “Humpday”, this is a story about two college friends reunited after a seven-year hiatus. ★★★★★


Lewis (Henry Pettigrew) has settled down to a life of wedded domesticity with Morgan (Jessica Ransom) whilst Waldorf (Philip McGinley) has been leading the carefree life of a traveller on the Far East hippy trail. Waldorf shows up out of the blue and immediately encroaches on Lewis and Morgan’s already cramped life in a tiny studio flat fate has forced them into, bedding down on their sofa and showing no signs of leaving soon.

The men easily slip back into their college boys personas and end up on a drunken night out which culminates in a dare instigated by Waldorf. Upon sobering up Lewis realises he has agreed to make a porn film with Waldorf for an erotic art festival. Goaded by Waldorf about his insecurities and careful existence, Lewis refuses to back down from the dare and they stage is set for an exploration of male friendship and sexuality.

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Set in only the cramped studio flat and then a plush hotel room the audience feels intimately involved in the action, indeed at the Crucible Studio Sheffield the audience are perched on the edge of the couples living room.
The male leads show all the warmth of old mates reunited whilst Jessica Ransom portrays a wife who is both amused by her husband’s friend but spiky about his invasion into their lives.
Jenny Rainsford steals the show in her one scene as Steph, the perma-stoned hippy chic Waldorf brings home and rudely seduces in his best mates bed. She has brilliant comic timing as she lounges about the flat as if she belongs there rather than being an interloper. Its particularly amusing that Waldorf secured her affection with nothing more than a chunky kitkat.
The laughs come thick and fast with some great one-liners and a brilliant back and forth between Lewis and Steph after he comes home to find a stoned woman in his flat.
I thoroughly enjoyed this play, as did the audience I watched it with. Although exploring themes of friendship and physical attraction, this is not strictly a ‘gay play’ hence the title. I’d happily recommend it to anyone gay or straight who is looking for a feel good night out. Just a word of warning, any ladies who take their boyfriends to see this play may start to look at his best friend in a completely different light.
Straight is on at Sheffield Crucible Studio until Sat 24th November before moving to the Bush Theatre London.
See it at the Crucible in Sheffield till 24th of November:
See it at the Bush Theatre in London from the 27th November to 22nd December:

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