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Wavey by Feryl

Looking for the perfect summer chillout banger then look no further than the new release by out singer-songwriter, Feryl. Normally you’d find Feryl bombing around the country performing at dozens of prides, but fret not you can still get your piece of Feryl goodness no matter what the lockdown situ is.

Available to download and stream from all good digital retailers / platforms.

Stoli Vodka Harvey Milk Limited Edition

One of the gay community’s most enduring icons gets his very own limited edition Stoli Vodka. The bottle has been specially designed to celebrate the life of the trailblazer Harvey Milk. It really is a stunning homage to a man who is a legend.

The limited-edition bottle is a part of Stoli’s “Stoli Serves Pride” program, the brand platform dedicated to the LGBT+ equality movement. Stoli Serves Pride celebrates individuals and organisations central to advancing diversity and originality within the LGBT+ community. 

Commemorating the work of Harvey Milk who was the first openly gay elected official in California in 1977, the initiative will help raise funds for the Harvey Milk Foundation. 

The Stoli Harvey Milk Limited Edition bottle is now available in Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose stores around the UK.

VO5 Thickening Powder

Feeling a little thin on top? Then look no further than this little miracle bottle from VO5. We’re living for the extra volume and fuller feel of our locks thanks to this matt finish, thickening powder. Simply shake on, rub in and feel the thickness.

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You won’t even know it’s there as the formula has been created to provide an invisible, natural matt finish.

Available from Boots https://www.boots.com/vo5-thickening-hair-powder-7g-10272637

Ohelo Reusable Water Bottle

One of the biggest challenges facing our planet right now is the unbelievable amount of plastic there is. Since the 1950s over 8.3 million tonnes of the stuff has been created and it’s not going ANYWHERE. Plastic is ending up in our oceans, littering our countrysides and ultimately ending up into our food chain. It’s really not good.

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You can cut your plastic consumption in small, but significant ways, for instance using the beautifully crafted and rather striking Ohelo Classic 500ml stainless steel bottle. Plus, by filling it up at home with your favourite hot or cold beverage you’ll also be saving your money. It’s a win-win.

Superby at keeping your hot drinks hot and your cool drink cold.

Available on their website https://ohelobottle.com/collections/bottles

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