Sometimes you just wanna go there, but the body says "no".

Well, the party doesn’t have to stop and you can still simulate anal sex for your partner, without actually taking the D inside you.

This article discusses sexual matter.

The spoon

This has the added element of a natural sexual position. Lying in a spoon position, with the top lying behind the bottom, who spreads his legs slightly allowing the top to place his dick in between the bottom’s thighs, just below his butthole.

The bottom/person at the front then closes their legs, creating a tight crevice for the person behind. Add lube, to make it more comfortable for the both of you. Silicone lube is best for this position as you won’t need a lot and it’s very long-lasting. This position can also be achieved in doggie style.

Doggie Style

The same technique as the spoon, except the bottom, is on all fours and the top “enters” from behind by placing his dick into the groin gap between the bottom’s thigh and scrotum.

What’s cool about this position, is that both of you get a pleasurable experience, there are lots of nerve endings around the groin area so it will feel good. The top also has a wider range of movement for thrusting – so it will feel good for them too!

Plus for the cumming situ, there’s the added bonus that the top can blow his load all over his partner’s butt!

The armpit

If you’re both up for something a little bit different you could try shoulder f*cking. Yep, you read that right.

Essentially what happens here is the “top” puts his dick in the armpit gap created by the “bottom”‘s arm against his torso.

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This position is great for couples who like to face each other when having sex and also those who like to think outside the box when it comes to positions.

If you like mixing laughter with f*cking, this is a great position because you’re very likely to burst out laughing at some point.

The cumming situ is also good here, as the top can spurt in various places, including the face or the torso. Win-win for all those cum lovers out there.

Apart from anything else, these positions offer an almost STI-free way of having sex. However, because there is skin on skin contact, you could still contract skin to skin STIs.

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As always, it’s good to add sexual health testing to your healthcare regime. If you’re having sex regularly with the same or multiple partners, experts suggest getting a check-up every three to six months.

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