There’s a new game called flop to drop challenge and we’re intrigued

Have you heard about flop to drop?

what is the flop to drop challenge

Well, it’s a brand new game which involves timing how long it takes you to climax from the first touch, without using any visual stimulants or a “fluffer” but by just using the “filth stored in your w**kbank”.

We were alerted to the game by porn star, Jack Wilson, who demonstrated the concept with an astonishing game time of just 1 minute and 21 seconds.

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Yes, basically it’s seeing how long it takes you to cum by masturbation without watching porn or having someone else helping you out.

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Writing on Twitter Jack said, “THE GAME. Without using any porn or a fluffer how fast can you cum from flop to drop just by using the filth stored in your wankbank?

Watch the clip here (you must be over 18 to view)

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