The reality star has confirmed that he's split with married couple, Daniel and Mike.

The reality star has confirmed that he’s split with married couple, Daniel and Mike.

Frankie Grande has revealed that he’s split from his married couple relationship after telling US Weekly that he had waved good bye to his boyfriends.

The Celebrity Big Brother star had initially confirmed that he was in a threeway relationship with the pair in November 2018.

Back in 2018 the showman showed off his new boyfriends introducing them as Daniel and Mike – and then proceeded to give the best part about being with each of the boys, for Daniel he said, “his d**k” and for Mike, it was his brains “Mike is also very smart”.

But now despite “growing so much” from the relationship Frankie revealed that that the dymamic wasn’t working for him anymore with double the highs and double the lows.

“Double the highs and Double the lows”

He said,

“I’m super grateful for my last relationship. I grew so much in it, [but] at the same time, it wasn’t working out anymore

“You have double the highs, double the excitement… but also double the lows, double the drama,’

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