Gay Sauna the Board Game is a brand-new adventure game that has just launched its first Kickstarter campaign. Conceived and designed by Adrian Collier, an avid ‘gaymer’, this gay-minded game brings adult fun to board game fans willing to spice up their playdates.

The game was completely born in Amsterdam. Gay Sauna the Board Game, which has been under development for more than 2 years and has been through over 20 iterations based on feedback from hundreds of playtests, aims to bring a taboo topic (gay saunas) to the masses in a very fun, naughty, and witty way. The Kickstarter campaign, launched on July 26th, has already reached 20% of the fund total in just 5 days – a key element of success for any Kickstarter.

“After the idea was in my head for over a year, I decided in Autumn 2018 to leave my professional career in IT Development and investigate if my novelty game idea had any merit,” stated the brain behind the game, Collier.

“I spent the next months doing a lot of research, prototyping and playtesting to see what I wanted to do with my idea. I created ReRoll Works, a creative organization with the intent to create and publish exciting and funny games for the LGBTQ+ audience, with Gay Sauna the Board Game being just the first in what I hope to be a great series of games.”



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The Kickstarter campaign runs until Friday August 30th. The intention is to really help a true entrepreneur with no corporate backing to reach his goal of a launch. For interviewing opportunities with Adrian Collier, contact Anthony Hodge, in Dutch or English:, +31 6 308 616 31. For game testing and questions about playdates, contact: , +31 6 152 597 51.

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