From changing positions to sex with the ex.

Whether you’re a pro power bottom 2.0 or a novice and just getting into the swing (metaphorical or otherwise) it’s always interesting to know what other guys’ experiences of bottoming are. These guys share their best experiences of bottoming.

Drunken and early morning

First, I had about 7 drinks and was drunk. My bf drilled me for about two hours and it felt great (I finished three times)

Second, was a few weeks ago my bf woke me up in the morning jerking me off which led to him fucking me doggy. I also took my time riding his cock to warm up. VIA

Changing Up The Position

The day I realized that trying a different position would make it so it wasn’t painful. VIA

The best experiences being a bottom

Smaller tops

I haven’t had many good experiences personally…. I have IBS and a pretty sensitive ass so all of this isn’t great for bottoming… The best ever was by a Chinese guy who had a 4-inch thin dick. He was very controlling which I found very sexy, grabbed my hair and basically dominated me. Cos his penis was on the smaller side and my butt just happened to be cooperating with me that day (IBS is very temperamental) it felt so good. Reached round to force him in harder. VIA

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My ex

My ex fucked me until I was a mumbling mess, it felt so good. I don’t know if I finished or not. VIA

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Woke already inside

Best ever was a guy I came home from the bar with one night in college. The night before was a blur, but I know we fucked for a while. But he woke me up in the morning already inside me, and I’ve never felt anything like it. Whenever I jerk off and don’t have any porn around, this gets me every time. VIA

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My toxic ex

My only good experiences bottoming and topping were with my second ex. He was a toxic, alcoholic, drug addict, trash wanna be rich boy, cheating whore monger, but it was some of the best sex I ever had as a top and a bottom. We came at about the same time or shortly before or after each other. He was the only one who could make me cum that way, and cum as fast as I did and be that horny for sex whenever. He dick was bigger but I got used to it even though he did tear me once. He was still a good bang. Haven’t been able to match that since. VIA

Sling it from the rafters

It was in a sling hanging from the ceiling, had straps for my feet up in the air. It was so awesome. I got in and he just stood there and moved the sling back and forth toward him. It was the most relaxing sex I ever had. VIA

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