This Church went viral after raising the Rainbow Flag for Cornwall Pride

A Church in Cornwall, UK has become an internet sensation after it raised the iconic rainbow flag for Cornwall Pride, this weekend.

St Michael’s Church in Newquay, Cornwall has become an unexpectant internet hit after it raised a rainbow flag in time for Cornwall Pride this past weekend. The video has been viewed over 13,000 times and received plenty of positive comments.


ABOVE: The historic moment St Michael’s Church raised the Rainbow Flag.

The Pride’s Chairperson, Matthew Kenworthy-Gomes, noted how times and attitudes towards the LGBT+ community had changed, saying, “12 years ago 10 Christian’s with placards PROTESTED the first-ever Cornwall Pride in Truro! Turning their backs to the Cornwall Parade!”

Now it looks as though the church is embracing diversity, tolerance and inclusivity, by raising the flag.

Some of the Church’s followers weren’t happy with the decision to raise the flag, with one person writing, “No longer a Christian Church. The Bible tells us to repent from all sin. Not promote it”, while another added, “Obviously he’s not a Christian. No need to add anything more.”

However, the majority of comments were entirely positive with many praising and thanking the church for its support.

On their own Facebook page, the Anglican church noted, that they had a “fantastic afternoon, celebrating pride”.

Just one of many firsts in the UK

Earlier this year, Cornwall became the first place in the UK to hold a pride in a school. During the Come Out For Cornwall Pride bus tour, which stopped in 18 towns across Cornwall, the entire pride team decamped at the Helston High School – where hundreds of pupils joined in pride celebrations and waving the UK’s biggest Rainbow Flag.

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Cornwall’s Only Pride


Cornwall Pride is the only pride event in the region which is home to over 500,000 residents. The yearly celebration is held in the seaside town of Newquay over looking the beach and sea, after it was moved from Truro a few years ago. This year it celebrated its 11th year with record numbers enjoying the entertainment in Killacourt and thousands taking part and viewing the parade which marched through the town’s centre.

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