This person couldn’t handle the fact that their husband “sharted” and the internet came… it came good

“A human being is a human being & yes, shit happens!”

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An anonymous writer (we don’t know the gender, so we’ll use neutral pronouns) on Quora wrote that their husband accidentally “sharted” in front of them and now they just don’t feel attracted to the man anymore. That was the question and well the internet did not take too kindly.

The general gist was that this person needs to get over it or divorce their husband, mainly for the husband’s sake.

It, Shit Happens

Colleen McFee, a palliative nurse said, “I’m saddened that you would even stoop this low. This is your husband & do remember, he is human. A human being is a human being & yes, shit happens!” She then invited the original poster to join her during one of her shifts, before adding, “If you no longer feel attraction for your husband, simply because he “accidentally sharted”, then you may NEVER have been that in love with him in the first place”.

Most touching moment can come from illness

Another user, Molly Maloney recounted the most touching moment between a couple when the woman in the couple had severe stomach flu. “She was stuck on the toilet with a bucket on her lap. Eventually her body decided it was all-systems-go and she wretched so hard in all directions that she passed out and toppled onto the floor. And that’s where her husband found her when he came home from work that evening. There she was, naked, covered in a smattering of every kind of bodily fluid, unconscious in a limp pile on the floor and with a busted lip to boot. Without so much as a word about it, he scooped her up, sponged her off, put her in clean jammies, and put her to bed. And yep, that’s disgusting. And that’s love.

It could happen to you

Penny Ladiner warned, “As they say, shit happens. Sometimes an innocent little fart turns into something more… tangible. Hasn’t it ever happened to you? If not, perhaps one day it will, through no fault of your own”.

Love does see what disgusts us

Paula Bass wrote, “My husband has witnessed me give birth to four children. He still finds me attractive. He has seen my doctor elbows deep in my abdominal cavity. He still finds me attractive. He gave me an enema when I was in excruciating pain from constipation following my last C-section. He still finds me attractive. I have gained and lost over 100 pounds over the course of our marriage. He has ALWAYS found me attractive, even when I found myself disgusting.

“If love was solely based on attraction we’d ALL be screwed.”

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Why did you marry him?

Perhaps it was Robert who put it best, “Why did you marry your husband? Did you think that he doesn’t have normal bowel functions? That he may not develop a serious illness which may cause him to bleed, vomit, shit, stink? What were your marriage vows about?

If you are not “attracted” to him any more, then it may be best for you to leave him. For him, anyway.


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So could you handle it if your S/O had an accident in front of you? Why we’re at it, these discuss what they think when a poop incident happens during anal sex.


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