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These guys share what they think when there’s a poop incident during sex

Rinse, Wash and Repeat

Does sex end when poop happens during anal sex?
Does sex end when poop happens during anal sex?

Pooping is a fact of life when you’re dealing with the butt and anal sex. Yep, for the most part, the butt is where waste leaves your body – and to that end, nothing really to be ashamed about. We all do it.

If you’re bottoming, there are ways to minimise a poop event, by being careful of what you eat before sex and also taking time over your cleaning preparation. But, sometimes even the most careful of us, will have that moment of, “oh sht, that’s sht”.

Don’t worry it’s not the end of the world. There are some options for you. You can both jump in the shower and have a wash down, or if your partner is up for it, flip roles!

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pooping and anal sex
Is it the end of play if poop happens during sex?

So what happens if you accidentally have a pooping incident during sex, these nine guys share what they think when the shiz hits the fan.

1) “Wash, rinse, repeat.” (VIA)


2) “If neither one can get by with a little poo then neither one should be having anal in the first place. Shit happens. It’s a butt – what’d you expect?” (VIA)

3) “Usually, I think that ends anal for the night. Hop in the shower, rinse off, resume oral/body contact/making out. I’ve never gone back to anal after an incident lol but that’s nbd”. (VIA)

4) “Clean up and proceed or flip roles if they happen to be clean. It’s really only a problem if you don’t have a place to wash up around.” (VIA)

5) “Take it to the shower, with silicone lube in hand. Ta-da.” (VIA)

6) “It’s an occupational hazard, like catching a pube when you’re giving a blowjob. Grow up, and towel off, I guess? Humanity is repulsive if you look at it with any seriousness. I find accepting that goes a long way.” (VIA)

7) “It’s the ass’ way of communicating. It says “I want more”” (VIA)

8) “Yeah, have to say I laugh at the tops who get all squeamish about guys ‘cleaning’ beforehand. You are putting your penis into an asshole. It’s where poop comes from”. (VIA)

9) “It’s just literally the male equivalent to a queef. If you’re pounding air into something it’s going to release. The bottom doesn’t even usually know it’s going to happen”. (VIA)


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