This sex party is charging bottoms more for access

A sex party in New York is charging the bottoms $40 more to attend.


So the deal is: Bottoms (known in this scenario as cumdumps) are blindfolded all night while the tops cum and go, until the bottoms have had their fill (this shiz writes itself).

I mean it sounds like people are getting what they want from the deal, except where the entry charge is concerned. Tops are charged $25 entry while the bottoms are charged $65. If you’re Vers but pay to enter as a top, don’t think you can cheat the system and get a sneaky sesh in.

Speaking to GSN, the promoter of the event which is called Anonymous said, “The way the party works is that bottoms volunteer as a cum-dump. They are placed into position for the entirety of the party and stay there as long as they want. I’m a big old bottom, and this has always been a fantasy of mine, but for it to work – and for the experience to be achieved for the cum-dump bottoms – we need a huge ratio of tops to bottoms, which means discounting admission for anyone who wants to top.


“That’s also part of what the bottoms are paying more for – guaranteed high numbers of tops. We are not proctoring anybody’s sexual identity, we’re just asking which role you’ll prefer to play in this particular fantasy experience.


“If someone is versatile they can play as a top. They just can’t switch over to bottom during the party because the bottoms have already volunteered for a limited number of spots in advance.”

So are they discriminating against someone for their sexual preference? Apparently not it’s all about fulfilling the fantasy.

“That’s also part of what the bottoms are paying more for – guaranteed high numbers of tops”.

Ah, so it’s all about supply and demand. The American Dream!

Are there really that many more bottoms?

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