Wanna teach us something... make the lesson about two guys doofing.

Yep, doofing that’s the word we’re going with today.

So how do you like your gay porn with a bit of education on the side? Well, it’s Himeros.TV mission to make gay sex better for us all by filming and releasing clips which are, let’s say a little more thought-provoking.

In the latest vid, the studio, explains how important testosterone is, as it’s the male sex hormone.

It says, “It is made in a man’s testicles and adrenal glands. During puberty, testosterone plays a very important role in creating physical changes like increased muscle mass, deeper voice, hair growth, frequent erections and semen production. Having optimal testosterone levels is also important throughout a man’s adulthood and even into old age.”

The studio added, that as we age, we tend to lose some of our levels, which can lead to a loss of “libido and muscle mass, as well as lower energy levels”. So how do we counteract that drop?

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“Diets rich in specific foods can greatly enhance a man’s testosterone levels, AND libido.

“Some of these foods include leafy green vegetables, fatty fish, ginger, pomegranate, nonfat milk, egg yolks, olive oil, beef, beans and almonds. Some foods that are known to improve sex drive as aphrodisiacs include dark chocolate, avocado, green tea, walnuts, watermelon, olive oil, oysters, salmon and bananas”.

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To drive the message home, Himeros’s new scene, which stars Pierce Paris and Wes Myer shows Pierce making Wes a high-testosterone meal and then “reap the benefits of their throbbing libidos”.

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