This woman accidentally sent her friends a live photo, while her Fiancé got his monster out

“It’s huge”

Moments later the boyfriend appears with his monster!

And we’re not talking about the rock on her finger.

Imagine if you will, your beloved has just proposed to you and planted a huge ring and rock on your finger. Naturally, you want to send a photo of that bling to your friends / the world. But here’s where some caution is needed – especially if you haven’t swapped your photo setting from “live photo” to just normal “photo”.

Live Photo is a feature on the iPhoto which captures a few moments before and after you click the shutter – meaning you get a small video clip instead of a single photo. Brilliant if you want to capture more than just a second in history – not so great if your boyfriend is likely to whip out his D, while you show off to the world your new jewel.

Which is exactly what happened to this woman, who sent a Live Photo to her friends – while her hung future husband, whipped it out. Such a romantic.

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