Those Bromans are now comparing d sizes

“Give ’em what they want…”

Those Bromans are now comparing d sizes

We can almost hear the ITV execs screaming at the producers of Bromans – ITV2 brand new reality vehicle. Despite it being oh so very heteronormative they’ve managed to squeeze just enough gay into it, to satisfy us here at

In a heart to heart, two of the Bromans. Brandon and Glenn turn to the subject of peen sizes – over lunch. Well, if you are going to talk about willies, why not over a heart chilli special.


Glenn said to Brandon, “So everybody in here’s saying you’ve got a massive schlong”.

Brandon replied, “Tom loves it, he was literally going on about it, saying, ‘You’re the most longest I’ve ever seen, how do you do it?” I was like, ‘I don’t know I think it’s just natural’.”

Glenn, whose interest was piqued, asked, “How big is it?”, ever the man after our own hearts…
“It’s a bit like the chilli,” Brandon shot back.


And then that’s when this happened.

What ensued was basically porn, as Brandon fed Glenn his chilli. We sh*t you not.

Glenn revealed that his friends call him “Girthy Glenn…” – a picture we can not/do not want to get out of our heads.

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