What has Simon Cowell got that I don’t, well apart from Learjets, black loo roll and oodles of money, he has the most incredible pearly whites. Yes, real or not you can’t help but notice those near luminous perfect teeth.

I set out on a mission give myself the whitest of whites – trying whitening systems from £4 to £300 and discovering that there are quite a few treatments out on the market today.

Okay I’ll admit, my teeth are pretty white as non whitened teeth go, years of nervous brushing thrice a day means I was pretty sure I’d see great results from the products that had come pouring into the office.

Some were simple (just toothpaste, very easy) some were a more complex routine including various lotions and potions and an in mouth light piece which made me look prettier than I’ve felt in a long time.



The best results of course were by the professionals atLoveLite. Invited to their flagship clinic, off I trotted to London’s famous Harley Street to have my teeth whitened.

The immediate results were stunning, my teeth shone as I stepped out on to the street an hour later, literally blinding people as I smiled.

The process was quick and easy – and for those who don’t like the idea of the dentist chair – it’s completely pain free. It’s so calm you can actually fall asleep during your 1-hour treatment. Although it’s the most expensive treatment I undertook, it certainly is the quickest, in terms of results. It’s the no fuss, says-what-it-does-on-the-tin option.

It’s extremely popular with men too, a spokesperson for LoveLite said: ‘Teeth whitening is probably 50/50 between men and women, everyone wants a great smile!’ quite.

Be warned though for a number of days after your treatment, you’re advised not to eat or drink anything that could stain your teeth – no red wine or coffee – just white or clear foods. Which does allow for white wine and vodka, so no need to panic. What are LoveLites’ top tips for keeping your teeth white?

‘Make sure you look after them and don’t smoke or drink coffee, these can stain your teeth and it’s hard to get rid of.’


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The least expensive option was to use good old Arm and Hammer whitening toothpaste with its baking soda goodness. No explanation needed about how to apply toothpaste. It’s a simple method of maintaining a good whiter colour for your teeth.

I think does a fantastic job of maintaining the natural whiteness of your teeth. I’m not sure if they actually lightening your teeth from scratch, but they do a pretty good job at keeping them from getting any yellower.

It’s around the £3 to £4 in your local supermarket. Its non – abrasive technology means you can use Arm And Hammer everyday replacing your normal brand of toothpaste.



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If you’re looking for a mid-range option theRapidWhite’s New Blue Light system promises 5-shades whiter in 2 hours, with it’s clinically proven product.

Although the product is a little fussier with different lotions to paint directly on to your teeth it is by far the simplest at-home treatments and the results looked good too.

No need to mould a teeth guard or to spend half an hour with some dodgy implement in your mouth – just four minutes at a time with the rapid action light technology.

You need to use the product twice a day for 14 days for four minutes each time. Afterwards you’re left with teeth that are visibly brighter than before.

Available exclusively at Boots for around £22.50 a kit with top-up kits available.

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