In a bold move Kylie and EMI have released the brand new single Timebomb on Friday giving the buying public just 2 days to get the hot pant goddess to the number spot. Reports came in from around twitter that Kylie had managed to hit the #1 spot in several territories.

Here in the UK the song has peaked at number 6, just below Rita Ora’s R.I.P – but it’s early days yet and the track still has the whole of today to reach the apex.

The video for Timebomb was filmed in the streets of London’s gay area Soho and allegedly cause a near meltdown when Kylie, hot pants and all, strutted her stuff down Old Compton Street – the focus road for many gay business and venues.

Currently on the iTunes chart around the world:

Canada #27

USA #40

Italy #12

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Germany #45

Australia #5


Watch the video here

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