Fashion designer, Tom Ford has said that sleeping with a man doesn’t make you gay.

In an in-depth interview with The Telegraph the openly gay fashion designer, Tom Ford, has revealed his thoughts on gender stereotypes and that sleeping with men, when you’re a man, doesn’t necessarily make you gay.

Ford was speaking about how he admired the younger generation’s dismissal of traditional stereotypes of gender and sexuality. He praised their attitudes of dismissal saying, “What’s great about this new generation is that they’re growing up in a culture where anything goes”.

Hating “Masculinity”

The designer, who also has a range of fragrances spoke how he hates the word masculine. Arguing that people should be able to wear whatever fragrance they thought suited them. He is releasing two new fragrances F*cking Fabulous and Noir Anthracite.

He said, “If you love something and it smells great, why shouldn’t you wear it? Why can’t a man wear a beautiful peony-based fragrance?”

The designer suggested that younger people didn’t think that just because you have sex with someone of the same sex that you are gay.

New Generation

The designer also praised the millennial generation for their “anything goes” culture and attitude, saying,

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“What’s great about this new generation is that they’re growing up in a culture where anything goes.

“If you’re a guy who paints his nails, that doesn’t mean anything.

“You’re a man sleeping with a man? So what, that doesn’t mean you’re gay.

“I think that men have always been just as vain and cared just as much (about their appearance) as women, but our culture perhaps didn’t support it,”

Of course having sex with men, if you are a man, doesn’t make you gay – you could, of course, be bisexual or pansexual or someone who identifies as MSM (man who has sex with men).