Top Parody accounts you need to follow

Twitter, you either love it or hate it, but one thing you can’t deny is it’s pop-culture power ranging from creating new meme trends, breaking news and the parody account. Most of them are rubbish, but amongst them are some genuinely lol’some accounts so get your following finger at the ready!

UKIP Weather – @UkipWeather

A genuinely laugh-out-loud satirical account about the crazy land of politics, Daily Mail and UKIP.


Katie Weasel – @KatieWeasel

Rejected from the X Factor a few years ago and now the subject of a very witty and very bitchy parody account of the latest X Factor and Showbiz goings on.


Fifty Sheds Of Grey – @50ShedsofGrey

A very funny parody account for men “of a certain age”


The Daily Mash – @thedailymash

A firm favourite, a very funny satirical account of all things news worthy and un-news worthy


Brit Problems – @British_Problem

A very funny look at those problems us British folks face on a daily basis.


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Modern Clueless – @ModernClueless

Everyones favourite 90s rich bitch film, gets a very sassy 21st century makeover.


Jesus M Christ – @Jesus_M_Christ

“You know who I am. If not, google me bitches” Just like his Twitter Bio says. Often rude, often funny



If you don’t mind good old fashioned offensive mockery and satire then this account is a must follow

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Pharrell’s Hat –

Within 10 seconds of its appearance at the Grammys, it was clear this Vivienne Westwood creation was the true star of the show.


Derek Faye @

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