In ‘The Standard’ newspaper earlier this week (1st July) there is a lovely article on how the “gay geek is the most sought after worker in London” in which Benjamin Cohen (not the hot rugby one unfortunately) talks about how big tech firms are jumping on the gay rights bandwagon and engaging in recruitment and events that attract up and coming gay men.

Did you know that up and coming technical whizz gay men where hot property these days? No, neither did I.

All either have that geek look about them, or are a big part of the so-called “geek world” and yet retain a level of attraction. It could just be me and my view of the world having said that, but my what a view…
So I say to that inner geek in you, break out! Be free! And whatever your “geekyness”, remember that it makes you hot… (Especially if you’re Zachary Quinto).

Mr Cohen goes on in his article to claim that earlier this year a study by the University of California found 46% of the gay US workforce has at least one degree, compared with less than a third of the straight workforce. Similar studies in the UK have found gay men on average earn more than a straight man in the same profession.

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Being a gay professional who seems to fall into that bucket myself I found this fascinating and it got me thinking… us Gay Geeks really are hot property (if I don’t say so myself). Both in a business sense (as it would appear) but also from a rise in the “Hot Gay Geek” look or celebrity.
But where have these quietly confident hot geeks come from? Have they always been there, lurking in the background at parties being the cute man we all dream for or is this something new? A new craze or fad that has appeared and made the tradition unwelcome geek the cool one at the party? Since the huge success of The Big Bang Theory and the introduction of Zachary Quinto as Spock in the revitalised Star Trek movies, the concept of geek and hot have very much become a “thing”. Don’t we all just want a 3 way with Leonard and Spock??

Growing up, I was very much a geek (not the modern cool kind) and it’s something that I’ve not really grown out of. From technology & gadgets through to being a card carrying Trekkie, Geek is very much me and very much part of my life. But has this ever been hot? I wouldn’t have thought so, don’t get me wrong geeks find other geeks attractive (it’s less fuss that way) but has this attracted the jock type, or other ‘cool’ or ‘hot’ guys?
I bet that the moment I say to you “Trekkie” you either don’t know what this means (a Star Trek fan) or if you do know what it means you have a picture of a pale skinned, greasy haired person that has never ‘been’ with another human being let alone met an alien life form (or maybe they have, in which case I have no comment). But you would be so wrong! Geeks are much more than that and this rise to the limelight highlights that. Everyone has a little geek inside them, this latest trend has just brought it all out into the limelight for the world to see.

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