A "total bottom" explained that his world didn't end when his hook up pulled a simple trick move.

A “total bottom” explained that his world didn’t end when his hook up pulled a simple trick move.

In a world of labels, how absolute are the labels top and bottom? Well, one “total bottom” on Reddit revealed that he actually had a great time when the roles were unexpectedly reversed when his hook up switched things up.

User HardTomHardy, who considers himself an exclusive bottom, who said that he’s submissive and a bit “kinky”, described a “good shock” when his hook up shook up the bedroom antics after returning from the bathroom for a second round.

HardTomHardy wrote that the second time around, his hook up tied his hands together and blindfolded him and was getting down to some oral business when “the next thing I feel is the tightest grip ever-expanding down the length of my shaft. It took me a second to realize that I was in him and I loved it. He took the blindfold and f*cked himself on my dick like a pro.”

“Honestly, it blew my mind”


He went on to explain, “I didn’t have to do anything except when the orgasm him I bucked into him uncontrollably. Honestly, it blew my mind. I never thought I would get to feel this, that my dick would bring me and someone else to orgasm.”

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He was quick to add, “And before people say he violated me, nope don’t even go there. If I had said to stop he would. And no his ass is not self-lubricated. He prepped himself in the bathroom and used a small buttplug“.

Users responded, on the whole, positively to the story, with one adding, “It’s largely psychological, IMO. A healthy, functioning dick will respond to the right stimulation, as long as you don’t let your mind get in the way”, while another wrote, “I’ve always felt that guys who pigeonhole themselves into only one position or the other just haven’t been with the right partner. Versatility is the spice of life”.

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Another encouraged, “Maybe from here on out your [sic] Vers. Sounds like you loved being inside him so why stop?”

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