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  • How Gay Is Slovenia?

    How Gay Is Slovenia?

    On a scale of Saudi to San Fran, just how gay, camp, LGBT-friendly is this small southern-European country? When I told people that I was going on a trip to Slovenia, the typical reaction was “Oh cool… what’s there?” To which I shamefully admitted, “No idea!” So I went to find out. A little background […]

  • 3 Alternatives to Pride | Gay Festivals to Go to This Summer

    3 Alternatives to Pride | Gay Festivals to Go to This Summer

    Don’t get me wrong, I love pride. I like a parade as much as the next gay, but I wouldn’t always want to plan my year of travel around it. There are plenty of locations around the world that are looking to celebrate everything that is wonderful about being gay, without the onslaught of rainbows, […]

  • Slovenian Rejection Of Gay Marriage Is “Victory For Our Children”

    Slovenians have rejected same-sex marriage by 2 to 1 in a referendum.

  • TRAVEL GUIDE | Feel The (gay) Love In Slovenia

    The verdant rolling hills, the typical southern European countryside, mountainous vistas that even Maria would be satisfied with, a jewel-like coast and buzzing city centre with street side coffee bars and nic-nacky marketplaces. Slovenia is a country teeming with history and it is dying to share it with you. It has to be said my […]

  • Gay Marriage Could Still Be Halted In Slovenia

    Slovenia’s Parliament voted yesterday to legalise same-sex marriages and grant such unions equal rights to those of heterosexual couples, which means it also enables same-sex couples to adopt children too. The bill was approved by a vote of 51 to 28 in the 90-seat Parliament. During the session, some 2,000 people gathered in front of […]

  • First Former Communist Country, Slovenia To Make Gay Marriage A Reality

    Slovenia has become the first post-Communist country to announce the legalisation of same-sex marriages in time for the second annual Pink Week 2015 celebration in May. Two million more people in Europe will be living with marriage equality as the Slovene government announces the introduction of same-sex marriage in time for PinkWeek 2015. On Tuesday […]

  • TRAVEL | Slovenia Pink Week Exclusive Discounts

    Pink Week in Slovenia is fast approaching and we have a special last minute deal for TheGayUK readers, saving €100 per person on some great week long packages.

  • TRAVEL: Slovenia Readies Itself For First Pink Week

    If you’re wondering where in the world you should be next heading to, then maybe you should consider Slovenia as it gears itself up for its first Pink Week. With gay weddings abound, gay honeymoons are sure to follow and Slovenia is amongst one of the most sought after places to visit on your honeymoon, […]